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One of Franquicia de Suenos main policies is taking care of our planet through the use of

clean energy, implementation of environmental policy in franchised companies and care for

sustainable development. For that reason, we put together a list of countries that share our

views – we present you the world’s most environmentally friendly countries. Can you find

yours on the list?

- Finland

With a sustainable development policy that has been in place since the early 1990s,

Finland leads the chart as the top eco-friendly country in the world. The reason for this is

its “societal commitment to achieve a carbon-neutral society” which wouldn’t surpass

nature’s carrying capacity by 2050. The country’s goal is to consume around 40% of its

final energy from renewable sources by 2020. Two-thirds of Finland’s electricity already

comes from renewable or nuclear power sources, and it performs excellently in the areas

of water and sanitation, biodiversity and health impacts.

- Iceland, Sweden and Denmark

Nordic countries are famous for their sound environmental policies, so it’s no

surprise that the rest of Scandinavia follows close behind Finland. All of the

mentioned have a long tradition in advancing the goals of sustainable development

both at the national level and jointly internationally. Iceland adopted its first national

strategy (“Welfare for the Future”) back in 2012 which created a framework for its

sustainable development through 2020 and set goals for environmental protection

and resource utilization. Sweden produced its first national sustainable energy

development strategy in 2002, and has been highlighting the issue of climate change

on numerous occasions throughout the years. As a member of the Open Working

Group on Sustainable Development Goals, Denmark has played a crucial role in

multiple areas from promoting gender equality to protecting the Earth. Nordic

countries as a whole set an example for the entire world when it comes to switching

to less contaminating energy sources and protecting our planet from further


- Slovenia, Spain, Portugal

Some might find it surprising that these three countries found their way in the top

10. However, Slovenia was the first country in the world to be declared a green

destination in 2016, with its 96%-compliance across 100 criteria. Its capital Ljubljana

was also crowned the European Green Capital that same year. Similarly, Spain is a

country that puts a lot of stress on ecotourism and has recently unveiled an

ambitious green home plan that encourages people to make their homes more eco-

friendly. In the recent years, Portugal has managed to achieve significant reduction in

the greenhouse emissions and has shown a lot of commitment and ambition when it

comes to introducing green laws.

- Estonia, Malta, France

The end of the list features three countries scattered over different parts of Europe.

All of them have shown promising trends in environmental thinking and regulator

policy and make great efforts regarding the protection of human health and

vulnerable ecosystems. Furthermore, France is the only G8 country ranking this high

on the list.

Healthy environments contribute to healthy lives; that’s why we have to do our very

best to prevent further pollution and turn to the renewable energy sources.

During the franchising process of your company, you can implement pro-ecological

procedures in your company to expect your franchisees to comply with them. Take

advantage of the opportunities offered by the franchise to improve the environment

in which we live

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