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Del Cielo


Del Cielo is a bistro that specializes in delicious healthy and homey treats. Eating in our bistro feels like home for the cosmopolitan community looking for the kind of service they are used to.

You will receive 100% support throughout the contract period, we take into account the areas of training, consulting and marketing.

We will provide you with our unique recipes invented by the owner, Mato Cervenka, the Top Chef finalist.

A comprehensive and professional operations manual will help you set up the business, find and train reliable and friendly employees,  Teach you how to find clients and how to avoid startup mistakes.

Great marketing support provided.


Creation date:


Franchise start date: 


Total Initial Investment: 

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Initial Franchise Fee:

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Fee for Corporate Advertising:

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Minimum Fee for Local Advertising:

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Return on Investment in Months:

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