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LUVAPOLE – pole dance & acrobatic fitness studio


LUVAPOLE, our unique style and combination are based on the love of sport. Our love of sport leads us to joy, passion and sensitivity, virtues that this studio has; treating our students with professionalism to the degree of forming not a community but a family.

We offer you 100% support throughout the entire contract period, we take into account the areas of training, consulting and marketing.  

Receive a complete and professional Operations Manual.  

We teach you how to find clients and connect them with the studio.  

We conduct effective marketing to support our franchisees.  

We warranty that the cost of the total investment and the franchise fees that we handle is the lowest in the Mexican franchise market.  

We support you to recover your investment in 1 or 2 years, the speed of this will depend on you, but you can always count on our advice to help you along the way, remember that #SiLoCreesLoCreas

LUVAPOLE – pole dance & acrobatic fitness studio

Creation date:


Franchise start date: 


Total Initial Investment: 

335,000 MXN

Initial Franchise Fee:




Fee for Corporate Advertising:


Minimum Fee for Local Advertising:


Return on Investment in Months:



5 years


Playa del Carmen

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