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Transform your house into a lucrative Airbnb venture! If you're already operating on Airbnb, allow us to optimize and boost your earnings for even greater profitability.

My name Jerry Szylwanski, originally from Poland. I've called Mexico home for over 5 years, where I lead a consulting company, assisting real estate and business owners in achieving success.

I will help you effectively find clients for your Airbnb, renting at the best price for you, using your home 80-90% of the time.  In addition, with my team we provide other services that will help you succeed on the Airbnb market:

 1. Property review and advice on what to change to attract more customers.

 2. A business plan adapted to the specific nature of the property.

 3. Interior decorator services and equipment purchase.


 4. Renovation, adaptation, repairs of all internal installations.


 5. Installation of alarms, monitoring, cameras.


 6. Photo sessions


 7. Retrofitting equipment.


 8. Expansion


 9. Usage optimization analysis


 10. Assistance in effective marketing, specializing in creating websites and social media for AIRBNB projects.


11. Assistance in applying for city and state operating licenses.


12. Real estate sales, long-term rentals.


13. Consulting and solving other problems to help you succeed.


Why Choose Us:


1.    We expertly handle all aspects of real estate management, from monitoring and cleaning to prompt repairs, ensuring seamless operations for property owners.


2.    With an active presence on five holiday rental platforms, we tap into diverse channels to attract and engage a broad customer base.


3.    Our independent websites showcase your property, providing global exposure and higher profit margins while maintaining autonomy from external platforms.


4.    Leverage our social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, X and TikTok for targeted promotions that amplify the visibility of your property.


5.    Benefit from our extensive database, reaching both Airbnb and business clients through personalized messages, maximizing your property’s outreach.


6.    Drawing on international experience from Europe, Miami, and the Caribbean, we bring a global perspective to personalized customer care and offer selection.


7.    Trust in our stellar online reputation with numerous positive reviews, a testament to the satisfaction of our clients.


8.    Our commitment to delivering top-notch services establishes a foundation of trust, ensuring long-lasting relationships with our clients.


9.    Exclusive services for Airbnb guests, such as fitness classes, salsa  or cooking lessons, massages, and spiritual experiences, coupled with discounts at local establishments, enhance the overall value of your property.


10.    As a small, locally focused company, we prioritize individualized attention for both Airbnb guests and property owners, emphasizing quality service. We communicate with our clients in Spanish and English.


11.    With a solid five-year presence in Cancun Puerto Juarez, our dedicated team is available 24/7 to meet, assist, and resolve any issues promptly.


12.    While specializing in optimizing Airbnb operations, we also cater to long-term rentals and property purchases, offering a comprehensive range of real estate solutions.


When can we get together to share the perks of partnering with us? 


All the work you need to prepare your co
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