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Franchising is a "win-win" situation. Experienced business owners receive gratification for their knowledge, advice and the brand they created, new entrepreneurs receive huge know-how and marketing support, customers receive easier access to their favorite products or services.

The franchisee is given the right to distribute goods and services which bear the franchisor’s trademark, service mark, trade name, advertising, or another commercial symbol.

The franchisor provides significant control but also assistance and support include site approval, site design or appearance requirements, specified hours of operation, accounting practices, personnel policies, required promotional campaigns, training programs, and the provision of a detailed operations manual.

The franchisee must be required to pay the franchisor (or an affiliate of the franchisor), as a condition of obtaining or commencing the franchise operation required payments include franchise fees, royalties, marketing fees, or even from training fees, bookkeeping charges, payments for services, rent, or even from product sales.


The upfront paid, before franchise contract signing Franchise Initial Fee is usually between 100 000 and 600 000 Mexican pesos, Royalty – paid monthly 4-8% from monthly total incomes, Marketing Fee 1-2% Of course, it depends on the industry, margins, incomes and a lot of other factors.

Franquicia de Suenos team performs all the services listed below adapting our work to the specific requirements of individual clients. We do everything in cooperation with our clients, adding our experience and research, the analysis performed for the needs of each company.


If the decision to franchise a business is made, a franchisor should develop a business plan outlining the company’s growth and strategy for the next five years. Based on the results, the franchisor can assess the company's ability to further develop and assess any necessary improvements.


We find similar companies to yours with similar products or services, prices, market experience who are already selling franchises. We check their offer for franchisees to position your brand on the franchise market.


To ensure successful franchisees and maintain quality control, the franchisor will need to develop an operations manual for its franchisees. This manual will serve as a sales tool demonstrating franchisor competence to new prospects, as a training guide for new franchisees, as a reference guide for established franchisees, as a “liability limiter” for the franchisor, and as a legally binding quality control device for the entire chain.


The franchisor should also develop training programs for use in conjunction with the operations manual. Computer-based tools and programs are highly effective, as are training videos, and can be used for the franchisee, for the franchisee’s employees, and for corporate employees.



Of course, the new company will also need to sell franchises. This will require a specific marketing plan designed to get the franchisor’s message to the targeted franchise prospect.



Once the prospect has been identified, the franchisor will also require marketing tools to assist it in the sale of franchises. For aggressive sales campaigns, the Franquicia de Suenos would recommend the development of a mini-brochure (for use in direct mail campaigns and perhaps as a give-away at trade shows), a full-size franchise sales brochure, and a franchise sales video.



And of course, the franchisor will need to understand the nuances of the sales process and the legal constraints of franchise sales.



Confidential disclosure agreement, Franchising agreement, Patents, Trademark registration, Setting up the entity, Termination



When all documentation is ready, we help you to display your franchise on national or international franchise market, choose the best marketing channels, find prospects, and sell your franchise concept

All the work you need to prepare your co

Why Us?



1.    Franquicia de Suenos works through an experienced team of franchise consultants and franchise development experts to design, build and customize franchise programs for businesses.

2.    The founder of the company has experience not only in consulting but also has extensive experience in establishing own companies in various industries and different countries, their development using their own funds, investors, loans and franchise, thanks to which he can professionally advise and make many valuable improvements to the project

3.    Franquicia de Suenos has experience in creating procedures based on ISO standards

4.    Franquicia de Suenos has experience in gaining investors, including strategic ones, which may be useful in the implementation of strategic plans regarding development or exit from the investments

5.    The company headquarter is in Quintana Roo favors more frequent consultations and better communication

6.    Thanks to the company's location and modern management, prices and other terms of the offer are strongly competitive in relation to other consulting companies

7.    In the case of some projects, it is possible to settle part of the salary in shares (units) in the new franchise company. In this case, the customer receives a partner who identify with the company long-term and engages in its future development

8.    After completing the project and providing full documentation, Franquicia de Suenos offers 12 months of free consultation on all aspects related to the franchise, sales and development of the company


9.    We prepare complete franchise documentation in Spanish and English, which is useful when acquiring franchisees, many of whom today come from the US, Canada or Europe

10.    The gratification we collect is spread over time and you pay us with the progress of the work. Part of our salary depends on the success of selling your business franchise.