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World top 10 franchises

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Antytime Fitness, 7-Eleven and Subway are currently the largest according to the number of outlets and revenues of franchise networks in the world. The annual ranking was published by The Enterpreneur.

The ranking covered 200 largest networks, taking into account the resultant indicators such as: the number of branches owned, the most stable financial situation and the best development prospects.

The list also includes the fees associated with opening the premises or point of a given brand.

Number one is the Anytime Fitness gym network. 7-Eleven and Subway fast food followed immediately behind.

If the ranking included only the number of outlets of a given brand, first place would be given to chains of local 7-Eleven stores (63 thousand points), second to Subway (44 thousand premises), and third to McDonalds restaurants (32.5 thousand premises)

Subway was founded more than 20 years after McDonalds and has many more restaurants, you know why?

1. Anytime Fitness 2 996

2. 7-Eleven 63 027

3. Subway 44 827

4. Pizza Hut 14 956

5. Auntie Anne’s Hand-Rolled Soft Pretzels 1 898

6. KFC 15 846

7. McDonald's 32 544

8. GNC Franchising 4 188

9. Circle K 6 093

10. Papa John’s International Pizza 4 924

When do you plan to join the list of fastest growing franchises?

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