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What is the franchise associated with?

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

What is the concept of franchise associated with? It is usually associated with: gastronomy, fast-food, and grocery stores. These are the most common answers, and they are somehow right, at the end of the day these are the most visible examples of franchises. But this business model works well in almost every field and industry. Human ingenuity and the ability to search market niches, go against the flow and find your gold bag at the other end of the rainbow is truly amazing.

Here are some examples of unusual franchises on the rise:


In Mexico, there is no habit of looking for franchisees among specific professional groups. Yes, there are companies that suggest that working with them is a good idea for young mothers, pensioners or people with disabilities. However, we are talking more about orders that can be performed by people from specific social groups than in a fully planned, long-term cooperation. In many countries, the most valuable professional group are military men. In the United States or the United Kingdom, there is a franchise market specifically designed for them. The military has been taught certain behaviors that give them an advantage in many business situations. On the other hand, it is a kind of mission, using energy and experience of former soldiers. This trend was probably born after the Vietnam War, which left an ugly demographic scar in American society in the form of thousands of young people without a job. Torn from their world to the other end of the globe, they could not find their way back.

Currently, there are a number of franchise systems eagerly reaching for military resources. Former military supports for example the British Franchise Association. There are about 1,230 franchisors in the UK today, 60,000 franchise outlets generate almost 24 billion pounds of turnover and employ over 760,000 people. It is much more than working in the British armed forces. According to the BFA, soldiers have traits that are useful in running their own business. Their self-discipline, strong motivation, the ability to make decisions, go out with an initiative and reach out to others. BFA emphasizes that there are also a number of technical franchises covering such areas as automotive, IT, industries in which technical military education, training and services are useful - after all, the army only consists of some front soldiers.

The ability to collaborate in a specific structure and adhere to the rules is also crucial. In addition, the employees of the army are used to relocation, so usually they have no problem with organizing their move. An example of a company focused on veterans is JDog Junk Removal - an American company with a base in Florida. They recruit franchisees only from a group of veterans and their families. In a nutshell, JDog deals with eliminating unnecessary things, mainly when cleaning facilities for reconstruction or demolition. They will get rid of everything - from chairs, a dance floor, a piano, to a swimming pool, a fence and a gas tank. They transfer some of the items to the needy, and then utilize the rest.

JDog advertises itself through veteran organizations and military media. The initial costs of joining the system are estimated to be around USD 20,000. The former military know each other well on this job - war is always associated with a mess that needs to be tidied up ... Interestingly - the army supports employees leaving it with low-interest loans to start their own business, so you do not need to have large resources to set up a JDog branch. Similar to JDog Puro Clean (about 250 franchisees), is more focused on helping in extreme situations - they work in a 24/7 system and clean up after disasters, accidents etc. Veterans have a $ 5,000 pre-payment discount.

What's more - veterans in franchise do not have to get dirty, 7-eleven offers them a 20% discount on the franchise fee. There are dozens of similar offers, most of them are supported by army and non-governmental organizations as well as business media. Will such initiatives also be created in Mexico? Maybe many employees of the army and policemen leave for a civilian life and find themselves with a lack of a systemic solution, meaning, no one can manage their skills.


To lure the dog into the bathroom, pack it in the tub, catch it again, put it back, wet it, wash it, dry it, dress the wounds and heal the ragged nerves - that's how an attempt to wash a dog looks like. The alternative is to send the animal to the beauty salon, but this option is cost-comparable to sending your wife to a beautician and hairdresser at the same time. Your wife should look nice and feel good, but for the dog usually being clean is enough. Dog washes help us. How it's working? Just like a car wash - automatic or self-service. They are closed devices with glass, for which the dog is sprayed, rinsed and dried, there are also special bathtubs with showers, where we decide on the length and quality of dog cosmetics.

The key issue is the location - some dog car washes are made at ordinary car washes (which makes sense, because you can wash both the dog and the car after the trip), other at veterinary offices, garages or free-standing containers. Bringing your mascot to cleanliness costs up to a few dollars. Affordable price. The advantages for the customer are obvious - he does not have to buy dog cosmetics, renovate and disinfect the bathroom. He receives a good and inexpensive service. Interestingly - there are many franchises with dog car washes in the world when will they be in Mexico?

The franchised dog washes are popular in Australia, the United States, also in the UK. In our market, buying a machine will cost about USD 10,000, with a suitable location the business will be profitable. According to estimated data, the cost of a car wash minute is less than 1 peso, the client pays about 5 pesos for that time. Franchise would certainly help in servicing equipment, choosing and buying the right cosmetics and chemicals for disinfection or marketing. You can also introduce vending machines into the car wash rooms, for example, treats, dog toys or disposable aprons for the owners.

FOR Cowboys

The USA is a strange country. Almost 318 million people and 165 million cows live there. This does not mean that Americans love cows, but that they love beef. In every form. Hamburgers and steaks are the most popular, but a large group of people like to eat it in a dried form. It is a community so large that it was profitable to create a chain of stores selling only dried beef.

One of them, operating in the franchise, is Beef Jerky Outlet. And these are not small shops or small stands - they are large salons with an assortment of more than a hundred products. Most of them offer free samples to try, people can discuss with the staff about products and find out what this dried piece of meat is and how it was made. Products sold in Beef Jerky are produced only for this network and are not available in other stores. Dried beef, of course, has a shelf life, but it is not a commodity that breaks down easily. Not so long ago, native Indians, trappers, and diggers pushed by gold fever in the vicinity of Klondike were feeding on this product on a massive scale. Today, dried beef is eaten not only by hunters or lovers of long trips, but it has become a nice snack, that is even healthier than chips.

It is not a cheap franchise, the cost of opening the saloon ranges from 130,000 to a quarter of a million dollars. Nevertheless, there are plenty of volunteers, currently about 90 stores operate in the network and subsequent openings are on the way. This type of franchise only makes sense in countries where the public has so much loved beef as the Americans. Beef Jerky and similar concepts may be a good inspiration for an unusual store.

Interestingly - Beef Jerky Outlet also has a special offer for veterans. When opening the first store, they pay half of the initial fee - 20 instead of 40 thousand dollars.


Media from time to time heat up the imagination of its readers with news about another exclusive hotel. Seven stars, jacuzzi in the living room, golden taps in the bathroom - in an exclusive hotel you can have everything. Super, only crystal-studded basins is not exactly what an average tourist or business traveler needs. He wants to sleep, eat breakfast and move on. And it's best that it is not expensive.

The scale of the need for cheap accommodation shows the rapid success of Airbnb. Do you have a free room, a corner, a place to sleep? Rent them - the guest will get cheap accommodation in home conditions and you get some cash. Airbnb is a flagship example of sharing economy. Thanks to Airbnb, we have access to over a million beds in 44 thousand cities in more than 220 countries. We can find a bed for one night, a castle (yes, a castle - we have a choice of 600 objects) for a week or a villa for a month. Over 35 million people have already benefited from this. There are 5 million hotel rooms in the United States, 2 million in Mexico. So you can see that people are looking for an alternative. The need is cheap accommodation and this is provided by, for example, capsule hotels and so-called mikrohotele.

Capsules for sleeping are a fashionable subject, but most often appears as a Japanese curiosity. The space the size of the cabinet, in which there is a small table, TV, wifi and already - what more do you need to sleep? Franchises for capsule hotels are already appearing, although not in Mexico, even in Europe it is difficult to find them. In a word - if you want to open a capsule hotel in a franchise, head to Tokyo.

Much easier for a microhotele - it's something new in our country. The room in such a sanctuary is microscopic in size, in total it is more like a compartment in a car than an apartment. A bed, a hanger, a TV, a small bathroom, service reduced to a minimum and the lack of services typical of hotels. One of the chains developing in the franchise is easyHotel. It brings together over 20 hotels in European cities. In London, you can spend the night for 19 euros in a normal hotel room. And it is also a very good business for franchising, because knowing how economical and at the same time decent to run a cheap hotel is valuable and desirable.


In movies and television series, death is not ugly, bloody and smelly. In real life, yes. And this in turn raises the need to clean up after the Blood Reaper, commonly called "cleaning crime scenes." Of course, the point is not to erase the tracks before they are investigated by law enforcement agencies, but a bit later. The name of the service sounds a bit sensational, in fact, cleaning real crime sites is not the basic occupation of this type of business. Much more often these are apartments in which someone lonely died and the body was discovered after some time. These are also places where someone has taken his life and also motor vehicles.

After death, the human body produces a lot of unpleasant secretions and odors, the removal of which for the layman is at least very difficult. That is why there are specialized companies operating in the West that deal with the removal of such traces. Why in franchise? Because this activity requires a lot of knowledge and skills as well as specific chemicals and equipment. A person who wants to take care of cleaning up the dead must obviously have a proper mental condition - quite resistant, though not without empathy. Added to this is medical and chemical knowledge, constantly updated.

One of the American companies - Steri-Clean, offering "cleaning after the deceased" in a franchise, estimates that its franchisee should operate in an area inhabited by 2-4 million people, but recognizes that smaller companies will be able to cope in the area in which they are located. at least 50,000 households. An investment, as for American conditions, is not expensive - 35 thousand dollars for the first license and at least 80 thousand for the investment. Steri-Clean provides the right dose of knowledge - every year they organize about 40 conferences for franchise recipients


Americans may seem to us a strange nation when it comes to approaching the dead. Popular cremations, legendary house keeping of ancestors' ashes, etc. But let's be honest - who would not want his ashes to be sent by balloon to the sky? And the Eternal Ascent Society has such an offer. And this service is offered to its franchisees! It depends on the fact that the ashes of the deceased (or animal, here the company does not make problems) are packed into a one-and-a-half-meter, elegant balloon. It is made of biodegradable materials. The balloon fills with helium and, after a short ceremony, releases into space. Finally, it travels to the height of 8,000 km and undergoes degradation at a temperature of - 40 degrees. The wind blows away the ashes.

The whole process is patented. Franchise costs 10,000 dollars.


"They did not bother. No bites. No jokes "- this is the advertising slogan of the franchise network Mosquito Squad. The company already has 500 franchisees and has grown almost five times over the past three years. What they do? Fight insects, basically deterring them. Almost everyone is exposed to mosquito bites, these atrocious insects carry equally unpleasant diseases. The employees of Mosquito Sqad, at the request of their clients, spray the house, plot, park, pitch with a special mosquito repellent and ticks. This protection lasts for three weeks. The company ensures that the substance is not harmful to the environment or toxic to people or animals. On special request, you can use a different agent, consisting of fully natural ingredients, but its durability is one week lower.

The franchise fee in Mosquito Squad is $ 25,000, plus investment and equipment costs, estimated at a further 25 - 35 thousand. Knowledge is very important in this franchise, so the company works with scientists and supports programs to fight against mosquito-borne diseases.


Mosquito slayer do not hurt them. Bed Bug Chasers have no scruples, and no breathers are blunt mites. This is another American franchise, this time consisting in putting in a row of worms living in our beds. Dust mites are not a problem. These are microscopic arachnids that cause allergies. They like dust. They live in carpets, curtains, furniture, towels. But you will most likely find them in our beds. They feed on warm, moist, and a lot of exfoliated skin, so the bed creates perfect conditions for them.

Not everyone, however, likes such company, this is when Bed Bug Chasers comes to play, to help you get rid of them. It does not focus only on beds, in a few hours, all (or almost all) of the dust mites in the whole house are washed. The company has developed a method of fast killing parasites using special heaters. The right temperature is enough to get rid of them from beds, furniture, books, and curtains. Interestingly - Bed Bug Chasers are exceptionally discreet. They drive up to the house with a van without the company's advertisement, the equipment is not marked, and they do not have business cards.

The cost of the investment is from 100 to 145 thousand dollars, including the fee for joining the network in the amount of 25 thousand dollars. The work can be started immediately after the training - as the BBC does not use any chemicals, no specialized licenses are required.


A graduate of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, who after graduation started working in the consulting industry invented the image of the crazy professor Nikola and organized a show for children in the form of scientific experiments, which in an attractive way approximate the fundamentals of chemistry and physics. As a novice entrepreneur, he completed a database of 200 event agencies, which he offered his idea in the organization of events for children.

Over time, the demand for an unusual idea for lessons was so large that there was a need to expand the business. Hence the idea for a franchise. Today, the lessons of crazy professor Nikola can pick up children not only in Russia. - Our show also took place in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates - in Dubai, where the franchisee's training took place in English. All class scenarios have been translated into English.


The company Snorepro claims that its product is intended for women - 25%, which snore and 75%, which by snoring guy can not sleep well. The Snorepro product itself is a special insert that is installed in the mouth. It regulates the flow of air and makes the delicacy provided with it not snoring. Sounds plain, but it's a personalized product - made to order for every customer, for his size. The product is known in New Zealand for more than a quarter of a century. A few years ago, the company changed its owner - supposedly Grant Stephen purchased a camera for non-grinding and he liked it so much that he bought the whole company.

He is currently working on a global reach and he wants to achieve it thanks to franchising Snorepro. He searches for franchisees on all continents - after all, snoring is a malady of men all over the world.


Do unusual franchises make sense? Of course. It is equally obvious that every aspiring businessman would like to be the president of a thriving high technology company. But not many are good and money is everywhere. "Answer yourself - what do you like to do? And then start doing it". This is the simplest and most difficult recipe for your own business. Stairs begin when we begin to estimate potential profits. Unfortunately, a well-made business plan is able to show in black and white that our dream-filled business does not make economic sense. Because either we would have to have millions of customers, or raise the price of the product or service to a level where no one in their right mind would pay for it.

It is also a big mistake to take on your own business, looking only at the period and rate of return. Sure, no one wants to work for free, or turn their business into a charity, but you have to take into account that owning a business is an investment, an investment for many years. You always have to look into perspective. Do you really want to do what you do not like for the next 10 or 15 years, something you do not care about, and something you do not have a jam to? Maybe it's better to earn a little less, but have fun from your own work and have a new topic to tell your friends about that actually makes you happy

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